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Sat. March 28, 2009
They Might Be Giants with Joshua Fried's Radio Wonderland | New York, NY |
Presented By (Le) Poisson Rouge

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18+ only admitted

Venue Information

Le Poisson Rouge (MAP)
158 Bleecker Street
New York, NY
US 10012

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They Might Be Giants, Joshua Fried's Radio Wonderland

Event Information:

We apologize, but online ticket sales have ended. This does not mean that the event is necessarily sold out. This close to show time tickets are only available at the door. For all sold out shows (Le) Poisson Rouge will do a ticket giveaway in the gallery bar 2 hours prior to the start of the show.

More Information

They Might Be Giants
Joshua Fried's Radio Wonderland

Alternative rock legends and Grammy winners They Might Be Giants return to the stage with their five piece band to celebrate the release of their new album "The Else" produced by the Dust Brothers and Pat Dillett.

Formed as a duo in 1982, They Might Be Giants has had a singular career. Their Dial-A-Song service predated much of today's DIY internet activity. The band enjoyed an amazing run of breakthrough videos on MTV in the late 80s and early 90s. Their album "Flood" went platinum. The band expanded to a more tradiional line-up, and developed a reputation as a "must see" live show. In the late 90s the band began expanding their horizons into television, movies, and the internet, notably contributing the opening theme to "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and the Grammy winning song "Boss of Me" for "Malcom in the Middle."

Last year TMBG launched their free monthly podcast which has turned into an underground national favorite, routinely popping into the top ten on iTunes music podcast chart (one of the few non-broadcast related efforts to do so), with hundreds of thousands of subscribers participating. The band has also collaborated with the beloved web site.

Be sure to catch the They Might Be Giants Kids Show at 3pm on March 28th.


RADIO WONDERLAND is me, Joshua Fried, performing solo live sound processing by drumming on old shoes (I'm a drummer) and manipulating a steering wheel (I'm a, er, wheel player). RADIO WONDERLAND turns live commercial FM radio into recombinant funk.

All the sounds originate from an old boombox, playing radio LIVE. Nothing is pre-recorded; anything picked up during the performance is fair game until the end. All the processing is by custom software I wrote in the MaxMSP programming environment. But I hardly touch the laptop. My controllers really are a vintage Buick steering wheel, old shoes mounted on stands, and some gizmos. You'll hear me build grooves, step by step, out of recognizable radio, and even UN-wind my grooves back to the original radio source.

I walk on with a boom box, playing FM radio LIVE. Once onstage, I plug it into my system and start slicing up radio. I arrange those slices both rhythmically, and, by playing them at different speeds, melodically as well, all according to what I hear. I call this process the RE-SHUFFLER. With another algorithm, which I call my RE-ESSER, (studio nerds will recognize this as a joke on de-esser), I isolate the sibilance, so I can compose on the spot with those S, T, K, Sh, etc. sounds, just like programming a drum machine. The ANYTHING-KICK morphs a bit of radio in the direction of a kick drum.

The sum total is dance music. I ham it up like mad, using the theatricality of the objects. It's great fun, and more musical than the video suggests. Every show is rather different, naturally, because the source material is entirely different each time.

So what's it all about? What is the art-speak that goes with RADIO WONDERLAND? I want to show that we ALL can interrupt and interrogate the never-ending flow of commercial media. So my transformations, taken individually, must be clear and simple—mostly framing, repeating and changing pitch—although when everything is put together the whole is indeed complex. My controllers are simple too: the wheel merely a knob to take things up and down (frequency, tempo) or play radio loops like a turntable, the shoes just pads I hit softer or louder. The surreal quality of using such ordinary objects underscores the absurd disconnect between digital controller and sound, as well as the congenial nature of the aural transformations themselves. So, too, my riffs must be vernacular and not elite. (We need the funk.)

They Might Be Giants @ LPR

Radio Wonderland:

18+ only. This show is General Admission, first come, first serve.

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